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Parphrase for TARIQ PART 1 AND PART 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Parphrase for TARIQ PART 1 AND PART 2 - Essay Example This implies that the pin will not generate more than 200mA. Pin 6 – is chip’s threshold pin. The function of this pin is to determine rail voltage’s two thirds so that a LOW state output can be achieved only when Pin 2 is in the HIGH state. The impedance of Pin 6 is quite high so that it triggers at nearly 1uA. A 555 timer based oscillator can be defined as a circuit which gives waveforms running highly and clear free. It is possible to adjust these waveforms’ output frequency by making a connection between an RC circuit, one capacitor, and two resistors. This circuit is a general relaxation oscillator’s type that gives out stable square waveforms. The frequency of these waveforms is fixed at nearly 500 kHz. It may have duty cycles anywhere between 50 and 100%. This oscillator circuit consists of a re-triggering mechanism that is made by interfacing the trigger input Pin 2 and Pin 6 that is threshold voltage. This is unlike the monostable circuit which terminates after elapse of the pre-set time. As a result, the device becomes a stable oscillator circuit. Pin 2 and Pin 6 are interconnected in the above oscillator circuit. This results in the development of a self-triggering mechanism in the circuit in every operation cycle so that the operation of the circuit becomes a free running oscillator. Another name for this circuit is voltage-to-frequency converter because it is possible to change its output frequency by changing the applied input voltage. Pin 5 is generally the pin of voltage control. The primary function of Pin 5 is trigger control and control of the threshold levels. The voltage across Pin 5 is generally Vcc’s two-third because of the existence of a voltage divider that is internally built. Upon the application of an external voltage to this terminal, it is possible to change the control voltage. The timing capacitor is the voltage across the

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The Development of the Entire Individual and the Establishment of Essay

The Development of the Entire Individual and the Establishment of Children - Essay Example Child soldiers often experience and are exposed to unthinkable brutality. Publicised experiences of children in war involve witnessing, or even, participating in brutal killings, maiming, and torturing; being coerced to take part in sexual acts; being severely mutilated or beaten; having to raid and raze down houses; and losing loved ones (Honwana, 2011). The personal experiences of child soldiers are determined by the nature of their participation in armed conflict. Most children are coerced to become soldiers, whilst others join with different objectives. For instance, child soldiers from Sierra Leone have admitted that they enjoy the stimulation of combat and experiencing the unique camaraderie and unity that emerge within the group. Others, who had even become leaders at a very young age, admitted that they get pleasure from leading, using skills in war, and being admired and revered by their comrades (Honwana, 2011). In Sierra Leone, countless youngsters sought membership in RUF because it offered education, instruction, and guidance that the government had failed to provide (Wessells, 2006). Current studies show that the roles of child soldiers differ in relation to circumstances and gender. In Sierra Leone, girls are usually recruited or forced to become the sex slaves of rebel forces. Failure or refusal to satisfy the needs for sex can result in inhumane punishment, and, at times, death. But in certain instances, some women have been given leadership positions (Gates & Reich, 2010).